Professional Maturity Model
Development of professionalism and organisation


The foregoing indicates the requirements we set for professionalism and organization. Both "knowing" and "being able" should be or will be in order with that.

Whether it also comes to "doing" strongly depends on the extent to which and the way in which the organization guides this process. After all, it increasingly requires the joint action of teams, management and external stakeholders.

But crucial for development is "wanting". A professional does not automatically identify with the goals of an organization.

The outlined model contributes to "wanting", because - in Peter Henk Steenhuis's terms - it increasingly offers room for "pleasant work", "meaningful work" ultimately for "purposeful work".

It thus also connects to the COM-B model:

We see that other behavior requires capacities (see our model), but also an opportunity (that must be offered by the organization) and also and above all a motivation.

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